Our Mission


Earth Citizens Organization (ECO) is a nonprofit organization that works to promote mindful living, natural health, and world sustainability. We empower individuals with the tools and resources helpful for practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle while also developing their strengths to lead and serve their communities. 


Promoting natural health and mindful living for a sustainable world.

Our Name

ECO stands for Earth Citizens Organization. Our name reflects the belief that we are all citizens of the Earth and that we all share the responsibility for the well-being and continuity of our planet, regardless of nationality, religion, or cultural identity. We call this the Earth Citizen Movement.

Our Goal

Our vision is to redirect the world's future towards harmony and sustainability. We realize that this can only happen if open-hearted, dedicated people from around the world work together to co-create a culture of mindful living. To support this goal, ECO focuses on providing educational resources, developing learning facilities, and organizing green community initiatives. We hope to connect at least 100 million people in the spirit of Earth Citizenship by 2020.

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