ECO Farm Life Experience
ECO Farm Life Experience
The ECO Farm Life Experience gives participants the opportunity to grow as Earth Citizens and provides an immersive experience into the inner workings of a small organic farm. From seeding, to growing, to harvesting, and distributing to the local community, ECO Farm hopes to inspire participants to sustainably support their own communities as true Earth Citizens.

  • Experience mindfully tending our gardens, carefully harvesting the crops, packaging them with love and attention, and then serving them to the community
  • Eat naturally cultivated healthy produce directly from the garden
  • Tend to and interact with the farm animals to understand the symbiotic relationship between them and the farm
  • Participate in special projects in irrigation, beautification, permaculture, energy conservation, and more
  • Stay in our ECO accommodations and learn to live on a lower footprint
  • Attend ECO Wellness Classes at the ECO Learning Center to stretch out sore muscles, control breathing, and center energy, which enhances and creates a deeper experience on the farm
  • Sunset meditation atop ECO’s 120 Steps to focus on creating 100 Million Earth Citizens
  • Roundtable discussions about sustainable living habits, earth citizenship, and ECO Club activation
Spaces are limited, so register today to take advantage of our introductory program offer!

Questions? Contact us at or call 540-259-1517

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