When our community regain its power to care, the whole world becomes safer, healthier and more sustainable. ECO encourages all Citizens of the Earth work together to restore community. Find out how fellow Earth Citizens work together, and where new sustainable communities are popping up.

ECO works with local communities in multiple countries to create a model of sustainable community development. We call it ECOmmunity, which is combination of ECO, Economy and Community. It is a thriving community with the spirit of care and healthy eco culture.

The key components of ECOmmunity model include: sustainable and affordable housing, organic farms, and natural health practices. These components, while serving the needs of the local community for higher quality of living, will provide opportunities for education and jobs for the members of the community. We will update information about ECOmmunity as we make progress in planning and implementation.

A bunch of people just living in an area administratively defined as city or town doesn’t make a community. A community would need common values and public interest. Most importantly, it is the spirit of care that makes a community a community, where people feel a sense of belonging, protected and appreciated.

When a community has the spirit of care, people naturally buy more from local businesses, have more chances to share wisdoms and insights about how to take care of their families, foods, gardens and homes, and more willingly refer each other for jobs and business opportunities. The issues of sustainable farming and healthy food production can be addressed voluntarily in a caring community. By knowing each other’s interests and needs, people can share and reuse things more easily, which makes communal life more abundant while individuals consuming and wasting much less. When we restore our caring sustainable community, the whole world become safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Learn about Nossa Cidade, a sustainable community in Brazil, which is our most recent partner for making ECOmmunity.