What makes a hero?
Doing good for the world is the seed of greatness, and ECO believes that this benevolent spirit lives within all of us. Finding and manifesting this energy that cares for all people and all life forms is the key to changing the world for current and future generations. ECO offers this weekend program as a means of exploring and discovering the empathetic capacity within. It is our hope that you learn to use this power within you to create positive changes in your personal life and in your community. 
Duration: 2 days
Location: Cottonwood, AZ
Accommodations not included

Everyone has a HERO Within
Are you living your life to the fullest, or are habitual patterns and deeply ingrained emotional memories holding you back from being the best you can be? The goal of this workshop is to help you open your heart to find the true greatness within. The changes that we help you create through this process will inspire you to make a difference in your life and create a deep and lasting impact on those around you.
How will the program help you?

To realize our greatest potential, we have to first recognize and overcome our self-imposed limitations. Find The Hero Within guides you to observe your mental patterns and emotional habits in order to bring awareness of how they affect your actions and thoughts. You will be guided to develop the power to turn your clear intentions into tangible change.
This program is designed for those who want to:
  • Find a clear direction in life
  • Discover their potential and choose a purpose
  • Heal from past memories and emotions
  • Handle stress in a more constructive manner
  • Develop the power to take action without inhibition
  • Strengthen meaningful relationships in a mutually beneficial way
Program Content

With principle lectures, group interaction, guided meditation, and personal reflection, you will be guided to open a path of greater understanding of yourself, your motivations, and your potential.
Reflection for Self-Awareness
With actions and reflection, you will be able to see your patterns and how they limited you in the past. This will also help you develop different views and attitudes toward your past experiences which will allow you to deal with future challenges in a more constructive way.
Finding the Greatness
You will find enormous capacity of empathy inside you, the seed of true greatness. The empathetic capacity within us empowers us to overcome our personal limitation, develop our strengths and take actions that benefit all.
Direction and Purpose
Great purpose helps us stay connected with our greatest potential and continue to develop our strengths. This workshop will help you choose your goal that aligns your passion and the seed of greatness.
Program Itinerary

The two day program starts on Saturday at 12:00 pm and finishes on Sunday at 7:00 pm. Details of itinerary including meal breaks may differ depending on workshop locations.

Day 1
12:00 pm:
1:00 pm:
Afternoon Sessions with breaks
7:00 pm:
Day 2
8:00 am:
Morning Sessions with breaks
12:00 pm:
1:00 pm:
Afternoon Sessions with breaks
7:00 pm:
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