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1-60 days, we recommend 30 or less
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Limited to $5,000. If the budget for your project exceeds $5,000, please contact us at
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  • Fill out the form to submit your proposal to ECO. Submission of the proposal doesn’t mean your project is launched. Before your project is launched, ECO will review your proposal to make sure the project is aligned with and support ECO’s mission and complies with all applicable rules and regulations.

  • Once approved, you will be notified to publish your project.

  • On publishing, spread the word and let people know about your ECO project. We encourage you share through word of mouth, email, social media such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • 10% of the fund raised will be hold as administrative cost, and the rest will be used to support your ECO project.

  • On successful completion of the fundraising, you must implement the project you proposed and submit a report at least three times detailing the progress of the project and use of the funds: one on commencement of the implementation and another in the middle of the project period. A final report is due a month after the end of the project.

  • When a proposed project does not meet the fundraising goal, and therefore is not implementable, the funds raised will be used to support ECO’s featured projects and/or general operation and other activities of ECO.