ECO Values


Do you Live ECO? By simply changing our daily habits and using our power of choice more mindfully, we can make a big difference in our lives and communities. LIVE ECO is the way of life that ECO promotes in order to make our communities healthier and more sustainable. LIVE ECO entails recognizing ourselves as Earth Citizens, and therefore acknowledging the Earth as our central value and making our primary responsibility to care for the planet and all people on it. With this mindset, we seek natural health, mindful living, and world sustainability. To achieve these goals, ECO proposes these three simple action guidelines:

Be Kind, Don't Waste, and Get Healthier Naturally.

Be Kind

Kindness is an act that can never be overdone, especially considering the dire state of our world. Kindness comes from our innate empathetic human nature—it enables us to overcome our personal limitations and achieve true greatness. Kindness is the key to our world’s most challenging problems, such as violence, inequality, racing extinction, and climate change. Show that you care: Impact other people with you kindness. This precious act extends to other beings and reaches the planet itself. See what a great difference we can make in our lives and our communities by boldly expressing the kindness that we are born with.

Don't Waste

Living in a sustainable way doesn’t mean shrinking our lives or having to give up the comforts and enjoyments of modern life. By simply removing or reducing the waste in our daily lives, we can make a remarkable improvement in our quality of living. Being aware and actively practicing waste reduction substantially reduces stress in our lives and helps heal the planet itself. Change really starts when we take a moment to fully appreciate and respect the value of all things. It’s important to make sure our every-day items are being fully utilized by ourselves and others by sharing, reusing, and recycling. It’s in this way that we can achieve abundance and sustainability at the same time.

Get Healthier Naturally

Health shouldn’t be a commodity that we need to pay high prices for. Good health is the most natural state of life, and it’s something that each and every one of us is entitled to. We all have the power to achieve health in a natural and self-sufficient way. By simply breathing more mindfully, for example, you can reduce stress and bring your vital functions back to their natural balance. Exercising your gut strengthens your immune system and helps your brain to function at its optimal level. These simple things not only help us to become healthier naturally, but also help us to restore our connection with nature. By practicing natural health, we can extend our self-healing to our communities and to the planet as a whole. When we recover nature inside, we can restore nature outside.

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