One of the best ways to get involved with ECO is by joining our volunteer program. Volunteering is the perfect opportunity for those seeking something a little more immersive than what our other programs and classes offer.

This program runs year-round and entails working and living on our farmland. Volunteers must be able to commit to a minimum of 20 hours per week, Monday through Friday, at our headquarters in Cottonwood, Arizona. Our volunteers help out with simple projects on the ECO farm for two days of the week and spend the other three days working at our head office, which is only a five minute walk from the farm.

Who we’re looking for
Depending on interests, technical skills, and past work experience, volunteers get a chance to work with our core team on various projects within our organization. At the office, possible roles include social media outreach, marketing, and graphic design. While these skillsets are what we’re currently looking for, we’re always open to anything that you might be able to bring to the table — we love new ideas!

In addition to accommodations in one of our beautiful, fully-equipped farm houses, volunteers also enjoy free, unrestricted access to the ECO Learning Center, which offers daily classes in qi-gong, yoga, meditation, and vibrational healing. Volunteers also receive discounted rates on workshops and retreats with our partner organizations.
All in all, volunteering with ECO is a wonderfully immersive experience and a great chance to help create positive change in the world. Interested candidates are encouraged to fill out the application below and send it along with a few words about themselves to


Volunteer Program Application
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I understand that the Earth Citizens Organization Volunteer Program requires references and a background check before my application for the program will be considered.
I understand that there are no medical practitioners on staff at Earth Citizens Organization. I also agree that in the event of an acute illness and/or injury, you will seek medical attention from a physician.
I understand that the volunteer program is designed for emotionally and physically healthy individuals. I warrant that I have been examined by a licensed physician within the past six months and found to be in suitable condition to perform normal daily physical and mental activities, and I agree to cover any medical or psychotherapeutic costs I incur while a participant in the Volunteer Program.
I understand the volunteer program requires a significant commitment of time and agree to commit at least one full month to the program.
I understand that participants of the program should abide by the rules and regulations of Earth Citizens Organization and the volunteer program, and that individuals who fail to adhere to the boundaries of the program or are not seen as a good fit with the program (as determined by Volunteer Program administrators), will be asked to leave the program.
I have read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions of this application. I understand that withholding information can lead to termination of my participation in the Volunteer Program at Earth Citizens Organization. By signing below, I certify that all the information included in this application is true and complete and authorize Earth Citizens Organization to contact the listed references and conduct background check for the purpose of determining my suitability as a volunteer.
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